Personalized service blends for your specific growth goals

Website Development

Your website is the face of the business in today’s digital world. It is often the first point of contact for customers and you wouldn’t want it to be anything less than spectacular. Our web development team focuses on not just good looking websites but on creating memorable brand experiences through intuitive & responsive web designs.

Branding & Creative Design

Branding and Creative Design are key factors of your identity. People connect, experience and use your product or service through branding and designing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When was the last time you scrolled past the ‘page 1’ of search results? Through our SEO activities, we focus on boosting your business’s visibility & discoverability for while keeping in mind your business’s ideal customer.

Online Advertising (PPC)

We focus on creating an advertising strategy which utilizes the best platforms from Google Adwords, PPC, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. for your business. After setting up the campaign we constantly report & optimize the results with an aim to generate leads in the most efficient manner.

Email & SMS Marketing

In today’s screen-age, mobile phone is the most frequently accessed one. Our SMS marketing activities focus on conveying your message & generating the desired emotion/action in the best possible fashion.

Content Marketing

Content is the king they say, but we believe that it is the kingdom. Today, the internet is filled with content so using content marketing strategically will give you maximum profits.

Multi-channel Marketing Automation

Multichannel marketing is the way to reach out to your potential consumers through various channels. It is the process of creating a single view of the customer through different channels.

Referral & Rewards Program

According to NY Times, 65% of new business comes from referrals. Unlike traditional advertising, referral marketing is the process of spreading the information about product and service through a company’s customer list. It is mutually understood deal that helps both the parties increase their business.

Social Media Marketing

Customers often select a brand based on the brand perception rather than the exact features offered. Profiling helps you create & optimize your business’s perceived value through social media, blogs, review sites & directories that your desired customer segment visits frequently.

Ecommerce Management

Our ecommerce management services aim to boost the revenues & customer experience on your e-store. Our services range from your business model’s feasibility testing to helping you analyze & prepare for challenges & competition. We also provide shopping cart optimization to catalyze a seamless shopping experience & faster checkouts.

Software & App Development

(Development, Integration & Support)
Our range of services include developing from the scratch, server maintenance, real-time troubleshooting & updating the API in accordance with your business’s evolving needs.